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June 16, 2017
Online Store + Digital Marketing
June 16, 2017

Shopping Center Website (Bogotá & Medellín)

Santafé Shopping Center Web Page (Bogotá & Medellín)

We designed a digital experience for Santafé shopping center website visitors. It enables the use of new technologies and integrations with social networks which give the chance of sharing updated contents. In this way shopping and entertainment play a main role.


Santafé Shopping Center


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Within the project was developed:

  • Advanced Website with Mobile Responsive technology
  • Web platform enabled for taxonomic navigation of the Information.
  • It applies geolocation detection technology trough IP address
  • It is a knowledge base for the management of points of sale and brands of the shopping center
  • It is Integrated with the customer relationship platform (CRM)
"The project has been exceptionally successful due to has refresh the brand and it has help to differentiate us from our competitors and grow in a very positive way"

Marketing Director