We are your strategic partner!

We are an interdisciplinary team of experts in offering optimal technological and informatics solutions for your company. Thereby we can support you to increase the efficiency on your core business process.

Each one of our services is designed as a strategy that integrates the different organizational operations and responds to the internal and external processes problems, costs reduction, profitability increase and the market share.

Our priority is consistent research and development of new market trends, both in the software industry and those of our customers. In this manner we are always updated and at the forefront of technology, implementing the best business practices.



GlobalBit won the award to excellence 2016 given by Tecnoquímicas
which highlighted us as best technological supplier.



GlobalBit mission is to create, design and develop software, technology and marketing business advisories within the scope of small, medium and big companies. We always have a differentiated value proposition for each company. In addition to meet buyer needs and expectations, we always are looking for deliver an outstanding customer service and to be in line with contemporary technologies, quality certifications, national and international standards.

We offer simple, effective, contemporary and friendly technological solutions for the industries of: fashion, entertainment, food and drinks, retails, commercial, educational and health services.

We are committed to the company continued growth, sustainability and profit maximization as a result of employees growth playing as an active members and collaborators of our company, contributing to both shareholders equity and a positive social balance.


We will be for 2030 the main partner for technological solutions, software development and marketing strategies implementation. Our approach will be small, medium, national and international big companies, of all over industries such a clothing, entertainment, food, drinks, retails, manufactures and commercial, educational and health services.

Through Administratuempresa.com software service we aim to catch small and medium companies worldwide of different industries such a retails, services, restaurants and clubs. We will create an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to connect with customers, suppliers and employees in a quick and efficient way.

We will count with a professional team highly educated in principles and values, powerfully skilled, proactive, with a great sense of belonging and committed to corporate goals. Consequently we will achieve goals which allow social and economic development of our stakeholders.



We analyze your business model and then we will focus on providing you a comprehensive advice in information management, systematization of organizational processes and the implementation of corporate strategies. Moreover we will be next to you continuously to boost the growth of your company.

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