The rapid growth of companies today has led to a need for interconnection throughout the business towards standardized services hosted on Internet, where all points of sale or warehouses are integrated into a single interface. This model enables to reduce infrastructure costs, software licenses and response times.


It is a service of interfuntional software created for the management of corporate information of small, medium and large companies; Developed with cloud computing technology that allows access to information from anywhere around the world with a single click.


  • Administrative.
  • Products Portfolio.
  • Sales.
  • Point of Sale.
  • Stock.
  • Web Billing.
  • Purchases.
  • Treasury .
  • Bank Reconciliation. Service is composed by:

  • We start with a comprehensive consulting that includes altogether from the identification of basic processes to the system start up in your company.
  • The service includes the administrative platform or instance of the company on the internet and the point of sale platform for the management of retail or wholesale.
  • It is aimed for commercial and services companies, as well as bars and restaurants.



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